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Bliss Tips from Maryam

  • Wasted effort is not wasted when it leads you to improve your efforts.
  • As powerful as your thoughts can be, they are not everything. To use them well is to use them in moderation.
  • In all those choices you make, choose sincerity. Enjoy knowing and sharing the power of the real you.
  • The challenge is great, the pain is real. Yet the magnificent experience of existence surpasses it all.
  • The good you do comes back to you too. Every choice has a consequence, and you can employ that truth to great benefit.

Welcome to ECI

About The Energy Coach Institute The Personal Experience at ECI Our Programs and Training Courses

Staffed by a faculty of the most advanced Coaching, NLP, Energy Therapy and Consciousness experts worldwide, The Energy Coach Institute is dedicated to training both professionals and the public in the most cutting edge coaching and personal change technologies available.

About Us, Our Mission and Who We Train

Our main goal is to foster and support individual
and community health, wellness and peace, worldwide

The Energy Coach Institute focuses on teaching human service professionals how to blend techniques they are already proficient in, with cutting edge new technologies that work in minutes to provide the fastest, most comprehensive client transformations possible.

The team at The Energy Coach Institute concentrated on creating ECI as the only institution in the world offering leading-edge personal transformation facilitator training to an international student body, in an entirely virtual format.

ECI's resource-stuffed eCampus and international teleseminars are easily utilized by students from the United States and Canada to Croatia, Australia, England, Ireland, France, Hong Kong, Egypt, Korea, Switzerland - and a host of other countries. Our international student body provides uniquely wide-ranging networking potential for all students, many of whom prefer the ease and increased profitability of an international practice.

As well, we have programs for the public which focus on personal and community healing, transformation and inner peace, that use an abbreviated set of the same tools taught in our professional level programs.

The Personal Experience at ECI

Deeply grounded in kinesiology, acupuncture theory, neuropsychology and positive psychology, our school motto is "Outrageous Success at the Speed of Thought" - and we mean it. If you're not using our magical blend in your practice and personal life, your clients will thank you a thousand times over when you start. So will your partner, kids, parents, pets and of course - your Inner Child.

No one benefits if the helper is left out of the equation, so we place a high priority on YOU, the personal development student, Energy Coach, or private practitioner, in using the techniques you learn on your own issues first and foremost.

While the ECI graduates a large percentage of therapists, unlike therapy, we emphasize a "coach approach" to fully empower the facilitator, the client and their community with mental health and physical/emotional wellness.

Solid grounding in positive psychology, neuropsychology, spiritual process and coaching theory blend with cutting-edge new energy therapies such as The ETHOS Method, ZPoint Process, Emotional Freedom Technique, Educational Kinesiology and Neurolinguistic Programming. This combo empowers repeat client and personal successes by the score.

While deep personal therapy is beyond the scope of our programs, every one of our students has experienced great healing and deep joy during their training with us, and has formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

There is a spirit of warm camaraderie at ECI, of selfless giving and gracious receiving each in its own turn. We have an ethic of regarding our members, students and faculty alike, as valued members of our extended "energy family".

We Have Trainings To Fit All Levels of Interest and Need

We serve those who know it is time to take charge of their own emotions and destiny, live True, and help the rest of the planet to do so as well.

From therapist and professional coach, to moms, dads, elders and even kids, we want these easy-to-use technologies to be in the hands of every person, world-wide. View our offerings below and enter at whatever level fits best:

Post-Graduate & Professional Training
- Basic and Advanced levels of the Certified Energy Coach Program, Bioenergetic Processes for Change, and Love Your Life Again - Personal & Community Development Program

Courses are listed below and may or may not be available at present, depending on when you visit. If you'd like to be put on our informational mailing list, just Register to use the site at above right - you'll automatically get all notices about our trainings and other opportunities.

We look forward to sharing our virtual space with you soon!

Our Warmest Welcome To You,
Maryam Webster, Director
and all at The Energy Coach Institute

Available Courses

  • The Certified Energy Coach Program's 9 week intensive training course for human service professionals. With our methods you'll be able to end procrastination and fear-based programming for your clients, help them achieve desired change faster, and be able to give your clients outrageous success at the speed of thought"!

  • In this is amazing 6 hour class, the pace will be lively and you will continue to enjoy continued improvement in your own life and those of your clients. You'll learn advanced NLP adjuncts with energy therapies, ET Touch, Reimprinting The Past & Changing History, many updates to the last Advanced Class, and much more, including updates to the last Advanced Energy Coaching class. Using ZPoint with Family Constellations and the Reimprinting Process is worth the price of admission alone. All CEC Graduates: Join us!
  • Love Your Life Again": The Tools, Techniques and Coaching To Get and Keep You Conscious,In Joy and Aligned With Your Highest Purpose Every Day. This is a Four Week Teleclass with BONUS Week of Coaching in a cutting-edge online eCampus, Forums with Community Center & Resources. Your facilitator is Maryam Webster, creator of the Energy Transformation and Healing Open Source or ETHOS Method.

    Using Maryam's Everyday Bliss Process coupled with the powerful tools of energy therapy and The ETHOS Method you will learn these power tools and become an expert in how to be happy every day, all the time.

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ECI Board of Advisors

Maryam Webster

Maryam Webster, M.Ed, M.NLP, CCHt, EFT-CC, Director
Maryam Webster has an extensive background in marketing, writing and private practice psychotherapy. She is a self-help author, speaker and master trainer for therapists transitioning into coaching, and trained coaches looking for "quantum leap" client results.

Maryam and the team at The Energy Coach Institute created ECI as the first professional training institution in the world offering leading-edge personal transformation and facilitator training to an international student body, in an entirely virtual format. ECI began in 2002 and continues to serve.

Gloria Arenson, Past President, ACEP

Gloria Arenson, MS, MFT, EFT-ADV

Past President of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, (ACEP) Gloria Arenson is regarded as a Master of Emotional Freedom Technique, and has a passion for professional ethics, helping procrastinators and those dealing with weight issues. Author of numerous books on energy therapy, Gloria serves as an ethics, somatic methodology and professional psychology resource for the ECI.

Grant Connolly, creator of ZPoint Process

Grant Connolly, CHT, creator of ZPoint Process.

Grant Connolly is the developer of ZPoint Process, a very fast-acting intentional energy therapy method that requires no tapping or holding of points. Grant serves the ECI as a model of collegial sharing, and contributes his many years of client-working wisdom, ethics and innovations to our curriculum.

Jerrie Hildebrand

Jerrie Hildebrand, MA

Jerrie Hildebrand is advisor to the ECI Board in Advanced Coaching Techniques. A graduate of Landmark Education's various leadership programs for over 25 years, Ms. Hildebrand is also president of a marketing and communications company, Kishgraphics. She serves as a board member or advisor to many organizations, providing strategic marketing, branding and imaging coaching in the New England area.

Ellen Britt

Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D.

Director of the former Helix Institute and current Everyday Qi educator, Ellen Britt brings wellness seminars to those who may never have heard of alternative health or medicine. With a twenty-two year practice as a physician's assistant in emergency medicine, Ellen has coached hundreds of clients on stress resiliency and serves the ECI in both marketing and curriculum development capacity.

ECI Instructor Advisors

Nina Price, L.Ac, CEC, MBA

Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Advisor to the ECI, Nina Price is a Certified Energy Coach Program class facilitator in addition to being a holistic healing expert and acupressure practitioner. She serves the ECI not only as an instructor, but creator of curriculum and in a marketing capacity.

Sabrina Reich

Sabrina Reich - MBA, CEC, EFT-ADV

Sabrina Reich is a Certified Energy Coach Program facilitator, and ECI's world ambassador.
Favoring EFT and NLP, Sabrina is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and offers Energy Coaching and private tutorial in French, Italian, German and English throughout Europe.

Kristen Arneberg

Kristen Arneberg, JD, CEC, EFT-ADV

An EFT and Certified Energy Coach with the Human Advancement Center, Kristin Arneberg's background in law and healing gives her a powerful skillset to leverage. Kristin serves as legal and meridian therapies advisor to The Energy Coach Institute.