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Energy Coaching courses add bio-energy modification techniques & maneuvers to superpower goals, health, turn-arounds, relationships, business, and every area of life. Energy Coaching can use the intentional methods that are solely mental, those that are biofield based like EFT or Tapping on acupuncture points, and hybrids like Maryam Webster’s ETHOS Method. Using these methods in a coach-approach allows many needs that would have required visits to separate professionals to be addressed using one modality, only one practitioner to visit. This is great marketing for your business as well as practically being able to guarantee your services and client flow. Classes in the Department of Energy Coaching include: Quantum Flow Bioenergetics The Certified Energy Coach Program Advanced Energy Coaching Coach as Healer

The component pieces of the Certified Energy Coach Program plus others in use worldwide. We’re concentrating on only the easiest, longest mileage techniques here. Classes in the Department of Energy Therapies include: Basic ETHOS Method Advanced ETHOS For Health Kinesiology Magic Corrections, PR & Dx/Tx – professional workshop

Optimizing your health through what you eat and put on your skin, we’re teaching what works for us and most of our students & clients. Delicious courses include: Low Sugar/ Lifestyle The Arcane Foodie Goes Gluten-free (SO many recipes!!) Paleo Vegan

Running a coaching or therapy business is just that – business. But none of our grad schools likely focused on how to promote or fill your clinic or private practice. These courses will: Business Helper 123 – Just the basics (FREE) Tao of Ka-Ching Promote and Fill Your Private Practice Business Branding Reboot: More Eyes On Your Biz

Because we’re more than these lives and these physical bodies, classes in our Spirit & Ritual department focus on developing the whole you and giving rest and refreshment to your spirit. These classes include: Foolproof Ritual Structure Lucid Dreaming Divination

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