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We at the Energy Coach Institute deeply believe in the innate power in each human being to heal themselves and the world around them. Using simple tools rooted in ancient philosphy and medical practice that deal with the energy used by our bodies, we can end pain, mental or physical, knock down limiting beliefs and set success in stone. We aim to give that power to every person.

"Outrageous Success - at the speed of thought!"

Our Vision is every human with the ability to instantly heal themselves and others, catalyzing the emergence of a higher state of consciousness that helps create paradise on earth.

Energy is the key base unit of the entire universe. Energy makes up our bodies, the food we put in our bodies, the earth and surfaces we stand on - energy is in everything, even things that appear not to be alive like stones and tables and chairs. The energy in the human body has long been documented in the East and the effects of manipulating energy in the body are well known. In the last twenty years, some truly miraculous methods of increasing, decreasing, molding and modifying this energy have been created, and have been in use by professional pscychologists, doctors and chiropracters, vibrational healers, corporate and life coaches to end indecisiveness, self-sabotage and both emotional and physical pain for their clients. But without depth training in diagnosis, preparation, creating a well-formed outcome and other aids to success, it's difficult to use such methods effectively. The Certified Energy Program was created for you to learn the best methods to rocket both you and your clients along and end the pain, no matter where it comes from.

We operate on an "each one teach one" paradigm and focus on teaching the teachers, healers and medical personnel with the greatest outreach. Working at a grass roots level in our free courses enables all students to gain the "First Aid Kit" of energy tools and decide whether to go further. The Certified Energy Coach Program and Advanced Energy Coaching course using The ETHOS Method is the only coaching course in the world that can be used as a stand-alone, or the perfect adjunct to every coaching or healing session.


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